M.P.T.’s goal is to relate to others through music and the message it delivers. Their hope is that one day they will have helped make a difference in this world in the name of peace, love, mercy, kindness, and the king of these things, God.
“It started when Noah asked me to play guitar with him when we were only fifteen. We were all strangers that lived in the same town and went to the same school. If music hadn’t brought us together, we would have never known the love we have for each other. They are not my friends, but my family.” -Anna
We had the excitement of playing at Zydeco’s Battle of the Bands in Birmingham, Alabama, placing high in audience applause and going through to the FINALS.
We have had the honor of playing with Nine Lashes, Revelation X, Christa Jordan, Embers In Ashes, Hopes On Hold, Aiamar, and many more.
We had the opportunity most recently to play in Rochester, Indiana for Rockfest September 8th, 2012, which featuring Brian “Head” Welch’s band: LOVE AND DEATH.
And a year later in 2013 on September 8th at the Cullman Civic Center once again and releasing our music video and EP called Falling In.