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Welcome to MyPaperTiger.net, home to My Paper Tiger, Christian rock band of Hayden and Warrior Alabama. Be sure to follow on Twitter, like on Facebook, or friend on Myspace, and don’t forget to check out the Blog! Last but not least you can listen to music here at http://mypapertiger.net/player! Message from the band:

“For all fans to support us in this crazy journey to play amazing music for God. With your love and prayers, we want to go as far as we can. Peace, yo!” – Anna Coburn


(From Left to Right)

Daniel Lowery (Bass Guitar), Noah Downs, (Lead Guitar), Anna Coburn (Vocals and Rhythm Guitar), Patrick Dixon (Percussion)

24 thoughts on “Welcome to My Paper Tiger


    Just saw the show down @ Zydeco’s & it was kickass! Great music, awesome lyrics, & really cool folks to be around. SHOUT OUT TO MY HOMEBOY DANIEL LOWERY!! DeeDee & Ernest love u lots, we’re soooo proud of u & so glad to see u again!!

  2. Unknown

    I know you guys are awesome and I really enjoy hearing you guys play. I know that with God on your sides and always in your heart that the band can go on Forever. I can’t wait until the next time I get to see all of you to rock out. I will always support you guys! :)

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