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The creators of The Imposter's Handbook and Take Off With Elixir - we're a different kind of tutorial company, founded by the creator of Tekpub.com.

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The Imposter's Handbook

48 chapters and over 500 pages devoted to the foundational concepts every self-taught programmer should know. Things like:

  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Database Theory
  • Computational Theory
  • Linux Essentials
  • Programming Languages
  • Software Design Concepts

Over a year in the making, it's on sale today for $30.00.

Take Off With Elixir

I love the Elixir language and decided to create something a little different. This is both a book and a video series - you can choose either one and get the same content! In addition, you learn by doing, not slogging through conceptual boringness. Specifically:

  • Build out a project using Elixir for the Red:4 science team, running calculations and tracking solar flares.
  • Work with orbital mechanics to learn the basics of Pattern Matching, debugging, lists and enumerations as well as many Elixir idioms.
  • Data persistence with Ecto and Mnesia, the built-in NoSQL system for Erlang/Elixir.
  • A dabble with OTP, understanding the Actor Model, GenServer, Agents and Tasks. We use OTP to then overwhelm and then shut down our PostgreSQL database...

​A whole lot of fun, focused on solving problems rather than "foo and bar" demos. We think you'll enjoy it!